This is a way to make the audience of the tournaments of this board game also have fun and feel adrenaline

Chess is not just any board game . Apart from knowing the rules of the game, it requires a lot of concentration and strategy to make the moves that lead to victory. This is precisely why the audience at chess tournaments should not make noise (no applause, no shouting, no gossip). Fortunately for everyone, it is possible that in some contests bets are placed to make the matches have more flavor.

We are not assuring anything yet, but some media have published that this table game could become an important market within the betting industry. Especially for those who are not sports fans, but who want to feel the adrenaline in different ways.

Chess In Las Vegas

A couple of years ago, The Millionaire Chess was held in Las Vegas, an open of this table game that offered its participants more than a million dollars in prizes . Unfortunately the editions of this contest stopped taking place in 2017. Although they were expected to resume in the following years, so far it has not happened. This is how one of chess’s greatest opportunities to excel in Sin City died.

The good news is that there are still plenty of other chess tournaments (although not as big as The Millionaire Chess ) that bets could be placed on , such as the United States Open Chess and the US Championship Chess. In Mexico, online and physical competitions are also held in which you could also feel the adrenaline.

Waters With Bets Without Regularization!

Perhaps you have already heard of chess bets and you already know some places where they are already made. However, it must be remembered that this market must have the appropriate regularization to prevent fraud from taking place (such as a tournament being fixed and someone is allowed to win or money is stolen from bettors). That is why, before you decide to bet on this game, we recommend that you inform yourself very well about how the process is. Don’t give your money to a stranger without any guarantees!

Meanwhile you can feel the adrenaline in all the table games (such as roulette and craps) that we have at Strendus . Also, you can make simple bets together with all your friends. For example, if you attend a chess tournament or just watch other people play, they can bet on who will win, which will be the first piece they will move, or which of the two will “eat” their opponent’s piece first. The idea is that you keep the excitement alive even in situations that are not usually so fun.

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