Project Type
Small Lot Subdivision
2025 Blackbirds Way, Los Angeles, CA
28,000 SQ. FT.
For sale housing
Bestor Architecture, Mia Lehrer & Associates
Pacific Empire Builders

Nestled in the hilltops of Echo Park, Blackbirds is an 18 home micro-neighborhood. The project sets a precedent for the Small Lot Subdivision by taking a different approach to how we live, play, and interact.

Developed by LocalConstruct and designed by Bestor Architecture and Mia Leher & Associates, Blackbirds balances urban living, community, and nature with modernist architecture that thoughtfully blends private, semi-private and public space.

Blackbirds arranges 18 single family homes around individual and communal outdoor spaces. Instead of a parking lot, we've built a living street, also known as a woonerf, a central landscaped courtyard that serves a variety of uses. The smaller home sizes and preference for open and green space favor community interaction and create a new ideal in urban living.

Project Complete in August 2015

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